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Enochian Alphabet.

The Enochian Alphabet features in Terry Pratchet's Discworld novel Making Money.

It is used to indicate the common ancient language of the Golems and is created on the page by using the Enochian Alphabet instead of English letters.

It is a straightforward letter by letter replacement. In the book the words remain in UK english spelling.

The chain smoking Miss Dearheart, chairwoman of the Golem Trust, can speak the Golem language and makes it sound sexy.

There is no w or y but some versions create one by adding a dot to the top right of Gon, number nine.

The actual alphabet was apparently created in the 16th Century possibly by John Dee.

A Web search for Enochian Alphabet will turn up various sources of information.

It will also turn up Enochian Typefaces you can install on your computer such as this version of an Enochian Golem alphabet font.

Wingdinglish is creating an "alien language" with English represented by unfamiliar images for the letters instead of the Latin alphabet. Some examples from comic books, video games, sci-fi movies and TV.

Some of my illustrations inspired by Terry Pratchet books. • Igor in twoPratchet and AsimovTwo WitchesTroll in the WatchDeath.

Foot of poster in English: (I can speak formal Golem - The Enochian Alphabet used in literature in the novel Making Money by Terry Pratchet - U make eternite bearable miss Dearheart)

Enochian alphabet used in the Discworld novel Making Money.

Scottish Words illustrated